CU Governance

Are you a credit union director?
Are you aware of the NCUA guidelines with respect to what you need to know as a board director?

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We offer a fully interactive online training course that provides directors the basic tools needed to comply with the regulations and perform their job as directors both diligently and prudently.

Board members will find it easy to follow, insightful and very relevant for their role as directors of a credit union.


The course is divided into four modules, each one of approximately 45 minutes:

  • CU Governance 101
  • Strategy Development
  • Financial Awareness
  • Risk Oversight


John Oliver, with extensive experience working with Credit Unions on strategic and corporate governance issues, will explain key concepts in mini videos throughout the course.

Cases and Quizzes

To enhance the learning experience and to make it more relevant and practical, the course offers a case study and a quiz in each module.

Self Assessment

The online Self Assessment will tell you where you are in terms of your knowledge and understanding of the corporate governance issues and your responsibilities as a Director.

Final Exam and Diploma

The Final Exam will test your knowledge and understanding of your responsibilities as a Director within the framework of effective governance. For those that get a passing grade, a Diploma will be issued.


We also offer Webinars by John Oliver when the Directors want to expand or clarify some of the topics studied in the course.


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