We offer credit skills diagnostic assessments to determine the participants´ level of proficiency and identify knowledge and performance gaps.

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The analysis and the reporting of results is key to assess the current gaps and develop an effective action plan to remediate them. The bottom line is to identify the credit skills gaps to undertake effective strategies to close them.

We offer a diagnostic assessment for:

* Commercial lending credit skills
* Consumer lending credit skills
* Small Business lending credit skills.

The assessments are web based and very easy to deploy. Organizations can opt for a proctored examination with an administrator overseeing the process or a less formal schedule in which participants complete at their convenience based on a predetermined schedule. Each approach can be highly effective and the results are immediately available.

The Assessments have different sections with 12 questions in each section. The participants are allowed up to 30 minutes per section.

Each section includes an expanded data bank of questions based on learning objective. Therefore, each participant receives a random list of questions generated from the expanded pool of questions.

Once a student begins a section, he/she has to complete it within the allowed 30 minutes. The student has the option to stop between sections or he/she can choose to complete several sections in one sitting.


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