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15 March, 2020 by eensight

Local and Catered to Your Customers

As a credit union, your customers trust you with their hard-earned money and expect a certain level of expertise and customer service which represents not only your financial institution, but your involvement within the community as well. At eensight, we’ve developed extensive courses to better you and your fellow employees’ credit union operations, techniques, and methods. Through our online, e-learning platform, we’re able to have you well on your way to becoming the best credit union in your area and have your customers/clients recommend your services to their friends and family. Read on to learn why eensight is the best choice if you’re seeking to educate, enhance, and exponentially improve your credit union’s stance amongst the competition.

eensight’s Approach

At eensight, we’re huge proponents of the e-learning environment. We’ve found our courses to be just the right balance of challenging, yet easy to use. We’ve also found over time our users prefer the flexible, “work from anywhere” environment as it allows them to have an overall better learning atmosphere in the co,fort of their own home, office, favorite coffee shop, etc… We’re always focusing on making the best possible platform in the financial industry for e-learning and we’ve found our user feedback to be crucial to our past, present, and future success.

Our Course Structure

You’ll typically find our courses to be structured in assessments, videos, and final tests to certify your knowledge of the topic you’re studying. These courses will most often take around 20-30 hours to complete with about 10 assessments in total for each course. Our users have found this structure to be extremely user-friendly to their busy schedule and have also found it to work with their desire to learn. Many of our users are “night-owls” and have found that their brains are most active well past a traditional classroom’s hours. This type of scenario presents a unique learning experience which only eensight can offer.

Why Choose eensight?

When you choose eensight for your credit union training courses, you’re taking the next step in the right direction. Our courses provide value, knowledge, techniques, and methods which are not found elsewhere and will further enhance your ability to excel within your credit union and in turn help your credit union grow. If you’ve enjoyed reading this insight into why eensight is the best choice for your credit union training, contact us, and we’ll be happy to respond to your inquiry within 24 hours time. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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