Our main goal is to develop the credit skills required for your organization to be successful and profitable.

Eensight is a client-driven company committed to meeting the particular credit training needs of the institutions it serves.

To do that, we start by having a clear understanding of your organization´s business objectives and challenges, and from there, we design and create the best credit training solutions that will enable your people to acquire and develop the necessary credit skills to implement your strategies and reach your goals.

We offer:

Blended solutions

where we will design a credit training program that combines different alternatives, such as e-learning, classroom based training and webinars, to maximize the learning experience given your organization´s specific needs and budget constraints.

Branded solutions

we can customize our e-learning courses to meet your organization’s particular needs, and include your specific processes, products, etc. We can even include your brand identity and logo in our courses!

Customized Course development

we can design and develop new content given your organization´s particular needs and deploy it via classroom based courses, e-learning courses and/or webinars.


If you want more information about how we can help your organization maximize your credit training effectiveness, please contact us at:

1889 Palmer Avenue, Suite 1
Larchmont, NY 10538
Tom Carlin (914) 834 4555

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