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20 February, 2020 by eensight

Big Business vs. Small Business

When you compare commercial lending to consume lending, the differences are obvious. At eensight, we help showcase these major, and subtle differences through our brilliantly developed courses for you and your colleagues. We have dedicated years of research, development, and expertise to these courses and the subsequent results have the intended effect. Read on to discover why if you’re a commercial loan officer, or anyone in the commercial finance side of things, you should enroll in our e-learning platform to better your career, daily operations, and your overall success.

Benefits of Our Courses

eensight is one of the only course platforms to take commercial lending training to an online platform and embed it within our e-learning platform. Now, you’ll be able to complete any portion of the course you’d like, at any time, anywhere. All you’ll need is an Internet connection and a computer device. Our courses are also practical and easy to use. You’ll find the newly obtained knowledge from our courses to be both useful and technically savvy for situations which are far less common in the commercial lending process. Most of our courses can be completed in as little as 20-30 hours with a total of 10 assessments. There are so many benefits to this course which used to be exclusively accessible in a strict, classroom setting. Enjoy the flexibility eensight offers and start bettering your life, today!

Choose eensight for Success

eensight has been associated with success for years now and our clients have always had positive feedback. This shows that when you dedicate many hours of your life to building a learning tool intended to not only educate commercial lenders, but the financial institutions as a whole on industry best practices; you’re benefitting the whole industry. Are you ready to start benefitting the whole financial industry by enrolling in our online, commercial lending training program? We thought so! Contact us to inquire about how to began your e-learning experience from eensight, today!

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