Advanced Commercial Real Estate for the Private Banker

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Advanced Commercial Real Estate for the Private Banker

Length: 2 Days

This comprehensive two day session embraces and reinforces key and essential features of the real estate underwriting process, reflecting the realities of today’s real estate market and product concerns. The session is designed specifically for the benefit and from the perspective of the private banker addressing the real estate concerns of their high net worth client.

This session presents commercial real estate investment alternatives, trends in local and national real estate markets, and current challenges to property asset values. Each participant will build upon the private banker’s existing fundamental skills and tools used in the underwriting and business development process. An ongoing theme will be to present a knowledgeable face to the client to bolster the private banker’s position as a trusted financial advisor.

Through discussion of market and product knowledge and the use of mitigating due diligence, breakeven analysis and benchmarks, participants discuss and gain increased awareness and the skills necessary for determining revised debt levels that properties and loans can reasonably support in today’s dynamic markets. Interactive participation, presentations of current loan concerns, as well as in-depth discussion of market/product challenges and client requests and opportunities will be addressed, concluding challenging participants to continue to engage the instructor throughout the year regarding the real estate market via post course mentoring.


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