One Day Class

Lending to Professional Practices—Lawyers and Accountants

This course focuses on professional practices, and ensuring that they are generating sufficient cash flow to make their loan payments. Many professional practices have high bad debt ratios. The course will provide the tools your credit professionals need to make good loans to these types of practices.

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  1. Special issues of Professional Practices
    1. Getting paid!
    2. Regulations and Liability
    3. Legal structure
  2. Business analysis
    1. Special issues of each type of practice
    2. Success factors
    3. Barriers
    4. Regulations
  3. Financial Analysis
    1. Financial statement review
    2. Cash flow
    3. Ratios
  4. Credit needs and loan structuring
    1. Needs and solutions
    2. Structuring
      1. Receivables issues
      2. Insurance
      3. Covenants
      4. Guaranties
      5. Potential issues
  5. Final case


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