One Day Class

Lending to Nonprofits

Nonprofits are a significant portion of the US. Default rates are relatively low, but reputation risk to the financial institution can be high. We discuss private schools, religious organizations, membership organizations, charities, and arts and sports organizations. Nonprofit hospitals can also be added or substituted for another type of nonprofit. This course insures that you select the nonprofits for clients that can repay their obligations.

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  1. What makes nonprofits unique?
    1. Mission
    2. Importance of board
    3. Tax exempt status
    4. Fundraising
    5. Reputation risk
  2. Nonprofit GAAP Accounting
    1. Permanently and Temporarily Restricted Funds
    2. Differences from for-profit accounting
    3. Financial Statement review
    4. Transfers
    5. Board designated funds
    6. Investment gains and losses
    7. Church cash basis financials
  3. “Business” analysis
    1. Differences by type of nonprofit
      • Private schools
      • Churches
      • Membership organizations
      • Charities
      • Arts and sports organizations
    2. Success factors
    3. Barriers
    4. Useful business ratios
  4. Financial analysis
    1. By type of nonprofit
    2. Cash flow
    3. Useful ratios
  5. Credit needs and loan structuring
    1. Working capital-when appropriate
    2. Capital projects
  6. Cases for various types of nonprofits


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