One or Two Day Class

Lending to Local Governments

The GAAP presentation for governments is without a doubt the most challenging in US accounting, with its combination of fund accounting and full accrual accounting. This course allows credit professionals to actually make some sense out of the financials in order to make good credit decisions. The regulators are concerned about the high exposure to government debt and investments in the portfolio of many financial institutions.

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  1. Powers and types of Local Governments
    1. The role of the State
  • Financial Statement presentation
    1. Fund accounting
    2. Review of GAAP financials
    3. Review of supplementary schedules
  1. “Business” Analysis
    1. Important indicators
    2. Important business ratios
  2. Financial Analysis
    1. Financial statement review
    2. Ratings and rating agencies
    3. Financial ratios
  3. Credit needs and loan structuring
    1. Needs and solutions
      • GO debt
      • Revenue debt
      • Leases
      • Bans
      • Tans
    2. Structuring
      • For each type of debt
  4. Final case


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