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Lending to Healthcare Practices—Doctors, Dentists, and Veterinarians

In the 1980s, when medical professional practices came to the financial institution for a loan, just the nature of their business made the banks jump to their needs. Times have changed. This course focuses on selecting survivors in this chaotic industry. Also, we practice structuring loans for these types of clients.

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  1. Introduction to Healthcare as an industry
    1. Chaotic, fluid industry
    2. Significant portion of US GNP
    3. History and possible future
    4. Payors
      1. Private
      2. Government
  2. Business Analysis
    1. Success factors
    2. Barriers
    3. Legal structure
    4. Physicians
    5. Dentists
    6. Veterinarians
    7. Regulations
  3. Financial Analysis
    1. Review of financials
    2. Cash flow
    3. Key ratios
    4. Benchmarking sourcesCredit needs and loan structuring
  4. Credit needs and loan structuring
    1. Needs and solutions
    2. Structuring
      1. Receivables issues
      2. Insurance
      3. Covenants
      4. Guaranties
      5. Potential issues
  5. Final Case


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