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September 25, 2018

Always Learning as a Credit Analyst The field of credit analysis is a field which promotors continuing education to ensure all analysts are of the highest stature when it comes to policies and procedures. We at eensight know this to be true as we’ve helped many credit analysts just like yourself maintain an up-to-date and […]
September 20, 2018

Bettering Your Career, the Right Way There are a number of ways to better your career in the world of credit analysis, yet with eensight, you’re able to fully define what “bettering” means to you. Through our advanced, online, e-learning courses; you’re able to successfully complete a wide a range of assessments, quizzes, tests, and […]
September 5, 2018

Our Certifications Our certifications are designed for you and the rest of your finically focused team to best align concepts into reality with practical methodologies and techniques. The team here at eensight is dedicated to being a top-tier, online training course for your use whenever you see fit. Read on to learn more about our […]


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